Excessive Sweating and Its Treatment

General Description

Excessive sweating is defined as an increase in the amount of sweat secreted to the skin surface due to the overactivity of the sweat glands. It is most commonly seen on the palms, soles and armpits. Excessive sweating treatment, on the other hand, is the elimination of this condition by applying botox injections.

Botox, namely Botulinum toxin, prevents the release of substances that stimulate the sweat glands from the nerve endings and thus stops sweating. Botox application has been used for more than 20 years in the treatment of excessive sweating.

What is the Goal of the Application?

The goal of the application is to stop sweating in areas where people complain most, such as armpits, palms and soles. The effect of the treatment occurs within five to seven days after the injections are given.

To Whom Is It Applied?

The treatment is applied to everyone except pregnant women, nursing mothers and those with certain neuromuscular diseases.

How is it applied?

Before the application, a cream with an anesthetic effect is applied to that area and it is aimed to reduce the feeling of pain. The application is made with special, fine-tipped needles into the skin in the area of ​​excessive sweating.

How Long Does the Effect Last?

In Botox applications against excessive sweating, one session is usually sufficient. Its effect lasts up to 6-8 months.

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